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postheadericon EU Online Gambling Operations Set Sights on the US Gambling Market

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As European Union Member countries are now all ordered to open their markets to online gambling operators, this opens up massive potential for operators. A EU Court ruling has taken place ordering Germany to follow this rule, and we have already seen the French gambling market de-regulate. Big UK facing operators are already going into both France and Austria and despite the massive player bases in EU countries, we are sure to be seeing some operators looking towards the US with envious eyes.

The US gambling market is potentially mind-boggling in size. It would probably be difficult to estimate just how huge this marketplace could be. This country closed up shop for many online gambling operations in 2006 when they implemented the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which in fact is a law which prejudices financial institutions to process online payments for gambling activities. When UIGEA was implemented many of the smaller operations went out of business as a war of attrition took place with large operations swallowing them up. These large operations had better opportunities to take their business to the UK, and license them offshore in Malta, Gibraltar and Alderney.

While Europe open is exciting enough, the prospect of online gambling once again being allowed in the US is newer and even more exciting. Large online casino gambling operations are well established and it would be a negligible cost for them to enter back into US sales. For years players, operators and politicians have been attempting to get UIGEA repealed, and recent lobbying seems to be finally getting somewhere.

In recent times more important issues such as the small matters of healthcare and Iraq have taken the spotlight off Congress’ possibility of legalizing online gambling again. These two important issues seem to have been successfully dealt with and now the US Federal Government is able to look at a new bill which could have the effect of legalizing gambling online which is obviously good news for all concerned.

Being the land of the brave and the home of the free, the US citizen may soon be allowed to gamble legally online again. There is even talk about how any operator jumping the gun will be penalized when and if the new laws come into effect; so don’t go getting any big ideas yet. Recently Sportingbet Plc was compelled to pay a fine amounting to $33 million with regards to illegal operations and an agreement reached with the US Department of Justice not to prosecute.

Obviously there will be casino operators who are looking to enter this market early, however it has been suggested that entering into a JV with an establish US operator, would be the best route to take at this juncture. Potentially the US is the largest online gambling market the world will ever see. Even though these activities are prohibited by UIGEA, billions of dollars still change hand annually for gambling activities. Just think Las Vegas in every town in the USA and this is the kind of potential online gambling has in this country.

postheadericon Get Inside the Minds of Poker Legends

One sure fire way of learning how to play good poker is to get inside the minds of live poker legends, the way to do this would be ideally to play with them and ask questions. The beauty of playing poker online is that you actually can – play with poker pros. There is no need to stalk these professional poker players outside the Bellagio – Las Vegas. Get to sites such as Full Tilt, and Poker Stars (preferably Poker Stars) sign up as a member of the site and sign up at the poker school too. You won’t believe the big names who play games on these sites and you can get all the info you need, right from the horses mouth.

Poker Stars features big name poker professionals right through the ranks and you will find, Daniel Negreanu, and a special room named after him where high stakes cash games take place. Team Pokers Stars also features big names such as Chris Moneymaker, Greg Raymer, Peter Eastgate – although Peter Eastgate is supposed to have retired from playing poker. But nevertheless if you fancy a game against one of the big names, you can, and not only at this specific site.

It is also possible to get inside the heads of the poker legends, by reading their books, all the biggest and best names have written these. They also write and publish articles online and most of these articles are free for you to read. Electronically archived magazines are available all over the net and any good poker site will provide you with links to these.

Because playing poker is an ongoing learning process, you don’t stop learning when you reach the top, it is essential to keep educating yourself. As your knowledge of this game increases, so does your skill. The more you know, the better your confidence will be and this shows through in your play. You will soon be working your way through the ranks from micro limits, to low limits and better. Once you have a bankroll that is able to handle any kind of fluctuations in luck, you will know that you have achieved a very big part of your poker playing goals.

One thing you will come across time and again is the importance of bankroll and good money management. All the pros go to great lengths on this subject, so when you read a book, it is fine to read it from cover to cover, but go back to the chapters and try to adapt the situations they talk about to the way that you play. Book learning without practical experience and knowing how to apply it to a real life situation, is not that good unless you can apply it to a hands on poker game. What you learn has to be able to fit the situations you come across, and it doesn’t help to read a book only once. You should also be able to get your hands on a good selection of poker books at your local library, so it does not have to cost money.

postheadericon Casino Barriere Toulouse: Installation of hives on its roof

Within the framework of its environmental commitments, gaming institutions want also to preserve the nature. For that purpose, the casino Théâtre Barriere of Toulouse decided to stand out. From next Thursday, the establishment will install beehives on its roof. Thus, this good initiative is within the scope of Sustainable Development of the casino in question. Such project is not fortuitous, given the fact that everybody’s watchword is the preservation of nature and the wisely use of natural resources.

This project would not be possible without the help of partners, among which the association « Abeillement Votre », which helped the casino Théâtre Barrière of Toulouse in the manufacturing of the honeycombs. The fruits of this collaboration between a casino and a professional of beekeeping could also serve as model for others. Online slot machines like Hulk continue to make the happiness of internet users.

postheadericon Playing and winning money via your mobile, it’s possible

Thanks to the great evolution of technology, it is now possible to access to all your favourite game via your mobile phone. Online casino and online poker rooms offer effectively applications that allow their players to play from their mobile phone. No need to search or to switch on a computer to enter to a gambling website today, if the player has a phone with an Internet connection, GPRS of 4G technology, he can well play his favourite game while staying home with his mobile. Almost all casino games have a version compatible with different types of mobile phones. With this new application, it is possible for a player to engage in his game and participate in all kind of poker tournaments he wants wherever he is, and when he feels like it. Even in the waiting room of his dentist, he can continue to show his skills and win money on a virtual poker table.

postheadericon With the Internet, everything can be done from home

Previously, we have to travel miles to get to a place of a poker tournament. Contrary to what happened twenty years ago, the net became now an indispensable tool. Through this network, we may well do many things at any time without moving. Texas holdem poker is now the most widespread game in Casino Bet. The technology is now at its height. Regarding poker tournaments, it is no more useful to move and make a long trip. With internet, you can register and be part of one or many virtual casinos and qualify for major tournaments such as thus offered in Las Vegas poker room. Playing poker become easier now. With Internet access and a credit card, you can very well challenge other poker enthusiasts, compete on free roll tournaments from home and win many offers. And don’t forget that there are also many packages to Las Vegas and tickets to live poker tournament to win there!

postheadericon William Hill Launches New Telephone Betting System

The William Hill Brand is known worldwide for both its online and land based gambling operations, but perhaps is best know in the UK. They have recently also announced the launch of a telephone betting system. They already have a comprehensive range of products online which includes sports betting, casino, day trader, Vegas games, live casino online, poker, bingo and mobile versions of these products. This brand has a solid player base and the aim of this new innovation is to expand even further into the market.

Based in Gibraltar and led by Kellie Quigley, the William Hill telephone betting system is a world-class operation. It allows both new and existing customers to take advantage of even more services from their phones. Just about everyone owns a mobile phone today and every home has a landline too. This is not mobile gambling as we have come to know it, it is a telephone betting service and there is a noticeable difference. Most other industry players in this market have this service in place, and if truth be told we were rather surprised to find that William Hill has only got theirs off the ground now. It is particularly suited to the William Hill Sports channel, a popularly watched product.

As this service is available from mobile telephones too, it is simple to access the betting service from anywhere at anytime. It offers live streaming, sports news from all over the world, in-play betting, live radio commentary and all the member is required to do is make a call to place a bet.

Another new William Hill service is the “Day Trader, now this is a slightly different type of speculation, it allows trades on currency pairs (forex), indices and the movement of commodities which has become a very popular activity for a different type of gambler. Day trader offers as many as 132 different ways to trade in each instrument at the same time and close out on open positions at any time. Close out values are displayed all the time, even before the market closes; Day Trader offers a bet slip feature and is currently receiving a great deal of interest in gold, silver and oil commodities. Check out Wall Street, the UK100 and the German 30 as well as popular foreign currencies for a whole new way to wager online.

It is incredibly easy to use; they offer both fixed odds and binary betting; simply select the market you want and decide how long you want your bet live. Choose whether your bet is against the starting price of the current level and if you think it will rise or fall. Oh, yes, also the size of your bet. Currently there is a great Day Trader promotion on offer at William Hill, and the first £25 worth of losses on the very first day you trade will be refunded to you. So, there is no risk to give it a try – if you fancy yourself as a bit of a trader, why not give it a go too?


postheadericon Playtech Blackjack – The Best of 21

It’s very interesting to note that Playtech doesn’t offer many different ways to play live blackjack as Microgaming. But how many blackjack games a casino needs? Certainly not the 43 ways of Microgaming! Playtech offers the bare minimum, with about 6 variations of the game which are these:

  1. Live Dealer Blackjack
  2. Pontoon
  3. Classic Blackjack
  4. Blackjack Surrender
  5. Blackjack Switch
  6. Progressive Blackjack

Live betting is one of the ways to have great emotions playing blackjack and a few online casinos offer some of these games. But not only in the kind of blackjack, most sites offer a variety of casino table games in this format. Live dealer games are seen by the player with the live video streaming, which puts its bets and play in real time.
Pontoon is a variation on a theme of blackjack. It’s the favorite version of the game of many Italian players. Playtech’s version differs mainly with regard to terminology.
Classic Blackjack uses the rules of Playtech Vegas Strip. While the Blackjack is essentially the same game with options for late delivery. This option of delayed delivery can save half of the bet to the player, so if you believe that the dealer will blackjack, he can sell his cards at a cost.
Blackjack Switch is a specific product of Playtech, and is actually a brilliant game. All cards are dealt face up and the two hands are dealt at a time. After that the player can switch the second card of each hand played.
Playtech Progressive Blackjack has some brilliant prizes. To enter the sequence, the player must put a dollar or a euro. Then, for every ace, the player is paid with bonuses as follows:

  • 2 axes of different suits – pays $ / Euro / GBP 25
  • 2 axes of the same suit – pays $ / Euro / GBP 100
  • 3 axes of different suits – pays $ / Euro / GBP 250
  • 3 axes of the same suit – pays $ / Euro / GBP 2500
  • 4 axes of different suits – pays $ / Euro / GBP 1500
  • 4 Aces, red or black: you win the Progressive Jackpot Prize

The cost is higher to bet on this game, the minimum bet is $/€/GBP 5 and the maximum bet is also much higher than $/€/GBP 1,000. Progressive Blackjack is probably the best game of all, even if the game is more expensive. It offers great emotions, and if you are a connoisseur of blackjack this is a game you should play, even if it’s just for the opportunity to try it.

postheadericon A perfect gift for your poker pro

With Boxing Day knocking on the door, poker players are causing wrinkles on the foreheads of their relatives and loved ones who would like to find a gift that would make them happy. For those who have not found one yet, here are some great tips. David Sklansky and James McManus have both written capturing books on poker which are now available on bookstore shelves and many casinos are offering gift certificates into minor tournaments. Then there is the great opportunity to get a learning software that would teach poker strategy and last not least you will definitely please a poker pro’s heart with a set of nice poker chips – quality chips are a valued asset, so be careful how you pick them. Chips are available both on high streets and online.

postheadericon Vegas casinos to become clean

Smoking bans are now commonplace in the developed world and going to a restaurant or a casino does not usually present a health hazard from second-hand smoke. This, however, still somehow does not go for some Vegas casinos where smoking is banned only on paper. The Wynn Casino is one of them. And it is also this venue that got into troubles because of ignoring the regulation. It is now sued by its own dealers who, unlike players, have no choice of place on the gaming floor and have to put up with cigarettes and cigars blown at their table. The court has already denied the motion by the casino to dismiss the case, which now threatens to became a class-action suit as frustrated dealers from other casinos are gathering to contribute their part. It seems like even Vegas casinos will soon lose their “breathtaking” nature.